Kevin Hart Announces “Irresponsible Tour” Following Cheating Scandal

Kevin Hart Announces “Irresponsible Tour” Following Cheating Scandal

Photo Credit: Getty Images- Mike McGinnis

Now that the big news about Kevin Hart’s sex tape, he is now headed on tour to make light of the situation. 

Hart who’s wife is pregnant with his third child and there first together has been on the low regarding the various cheating situations. 

But it looks like everything will come to the light. In a video posted on Twitter, Hart jokes about the past few months.

“You’ve been behaving like a miscreant!” Hart says to himself while having an argument with a bunch of other Kevin Harts on a tour bus, responding to himself, “Give me one example of me being irresponsible?”

The other Kevin Hart’s joke about both situations that have had him in the public eye and st3epping out on his wife. 

“We’re talking about you in that car with that girl in Miami!” another Hart says, to which he responds, “I don’t even know who she is!”

He continues, “What about that girl in Las Vegas? bad error and judgment.”

We can only expect for this tour to be Kevin’s truths as he tries to finally make let everything pass by. 

Take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think! 

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