Chance The Rapper Pulled Over By Police In Chicago

Chance The Rapper Pulled Over By Police In Chicago

Photo Credit: Getty Images – Gary Miller

Unfortunately, not even Chance the Rapper is safe from being pulled over by the police. As he was driving with his longtime girlfriend and daughter from church yesterday when he was stopped. Chance decided to stream the incident quietly through his side view mirror in case something went wrong. He is heard saying, “I have great faith in humanity, in the men and women that put on the badge.”

The officer returned shortly after, letting the rapper go with just a warning. “See? I knew he was a good dude,” Chance said, with relief. “I don’t have any problem with the men and women that are brave enough to put on the badge. As a system, policing is racist and oppressive.”

This has been a very powerful and successful year for the Chicago rapper. Chance shared a picture of himself with comedian Dave Chappelle and fellow Chicago rapper Kanye West shortly after the incident. He showed love to both of them by writing “mentors” in his caption.

Watch the video below. 

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