Amber Rose Weighs In On The Cam Newton Controversy

Amber Rose Weighs In On The Cam Newton Controversy

photo credit: Amanda Edwards l Getty Images

After defending her man, 21 Savage, for supporting her annual SlutWalk and carrying a sign that read ‘I’m a hoe too,’ Captain Save A Hoe, aka Amber Rose, is now somewhat coming to the rescue for NFL’er Cam Newton.

On Wednesday, October 5th, Cam Newton laughed at a female sports journalist’s question, in which she specicfically asked about a topic that Newton was surprised she would ask.

Asking about the Panthers players’ ‘routes’ on the field, Cam was a bit dismissive with him addressing the female’s take on her question, but still Newton respectively answered the journalist’s question.

Well, Amber Rose posted the Cam footage to her Instagram with the message:

This is why we need to continue to educate or boys…let’s not get mad at him and understand that society taught him to think this way his entire life.

Since Newton’s, what many feel as ‘sexist’ remarks, the Quarterback has lost major sponosrish deals and has sparked major controversy.

In a game of who’s right or wrong, does Amber have a point and was Came Newton completely out of line?

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