Justin Credible And Dj SourMilk Choose Their Starting Five For The NBA All Star Game

Justin Credible And Dj SourMilk Choose Their Starting Five For The NBA All Star Game

Picture Credit: Getty Images- Juan Ocampo  


Who doesn’t love this time of year with the NBA is in season especially with all the trades that have occurred recently. 

From Kyrie Irving getting traded to the Celtics for Isaiah Thomas to Dwayne Wade joining LeBron on the Cavs and Carmelo Anthony signing with the Thunder, there is a lot going on.

But aside from the games and of course wondering who will take the title this year, there is always the highly anticipated NBA all-star game.

This year, however, it seems like things will be a little different. We are all used to seeing the teams be the east vs. the west, but this year, that is no more. 

Instead of pre-designated teams, there will be two captains who pick the players they want on their team.   

Earlier today, Justin Credible and Dj SourMilk Came across a picture from Belcher Report asking fans to pick their all-star starting five out of 12 players. 

The first 5 pick went to Dj SourMilk who chose Steph Curry as his point guard, Kawhi Leonard as his small forward, James Harden as his shooting guard, Anthony Davis as his center, and Giannuis Antetokounmpo at the power forward position. 

Justin Credible went with LeBron James as his power forward, Kevin Durant as the center, Russell Westbrook at the point guard position, Klay Thompson as his shooting guard, and Paul George as the small forward.

As for the new change to picking teams for the all-star game, Justin Credible says, “the new change is dope for the NBA. it will be more competitive than it has been last couple years. However, the best thing is that they are donating to charity.”

Dj SourMilk says, “I think the new system is kinda weak. Gives them less to play for. What they should have done is changed the playoff structure and let the top 16 teams advance instead of 8 from each conference.”


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