Is Eminem’s Highly Anticipated Album All Wrapped Up?

Is Eminem’s Highly Anticipated Album All Wrapped Up?

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It’s been a cool minute since we’ve heard any new music from Eminem. So fans were stoked when D12 member Denaun Porter revealed that Slim Shady has finished a new album.

Porter took to Instagram live to break the news. “Am I working on Eminem’s new album?” Porter asked his viewers. “No, we are done. How about that?” The rapper went on to even call the album “amazeballs.”

As you can imagine, fans went wild, blowing up Porters Instagram live feed. After all, the last time Eminem dropped an album was back in 2013, with The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

But, sometimes when things are too good to be true, it’s because they probably are.

A few hours ago, Porter cleared up the reports with Complex Magazine. Apparently, Porter was just “trolling the trollers.” He claimed to have just been joking with his viewers, who consistently pushing for some information on Shady’s new album.

“Anytime they come in there, they can expect to get trolled with any kind of question like that,” Porter said. “I’m never the person to give up that kind of information. I might say, ‘Hey, we’re working on it’ or ‘Hey, we’re close.’ But I’m never going to be the guy that gives up the information. But they can get trolled.”

Now, this doesn’t mean that something isn’t cooking, it just means it’s not quite ready to be taken out of the oven.

In early July, 2 Chainz revealed that was working with Mr. Mathers on his upcoming album. Since then, 2 Chainz has confirmed that the two have their song all wrapped up and ready to go.

Shady himself has also teased his upcoming album. Earlier this year, when he released his freestyle “Campaign Speech” he also tweeted, “Don’t worry I’m working on an album! Here’s something meanwhile.”

Guess we’ll all have to keep patient until this album is hot and ready to be served.

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