50 Cent Takes Over BET Wednesday Nights

50 Cent Takes Over BET Wednesday Nights

Getty Images: Astrid Stawiarz

Tonight 50 Cent’s new TV show premiered on BET. We all know 50 to be a serious kind of actor but he shows his fun side with this series.

We have seen 50 play a more serious role in his hit tv show Power on Starz, so this show will definitely show us more of his personable side. 

The new show, “50 Central” is a mixture of hidden camera pranks, comedy sketches, musical performances and celebrity guests.

50 Cent stars as the host with a somewhat recognizable cast including Tristen J. Winger, Jasmine Brown, Kiya Roberts, Vince Swann and Mark Harley. From the reaction of fans tonight the show looks to be a hit. If you’re looking for laughs 50 Central might just be your show.

Take a look at what some fans had to say about the show and let us know what you think! 

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