Justin Credible Shares Ten Tips For Incoming Freshman

Justin Credible Shares Ten Tips For Incoming Freshman

School is session and freshman students are taking their first steps on their high school campuses.

We know that the first year of high school is one that can be terrifying but no need to be scared Justin Credible has got you covered. 

Here are 10 tips for all the freshman to make the best of this first year of the big leagues. 

1. Always make the most of it because it goes by fast 

2.  After the first day don’t worry about being cool 

3. All freshman should join sports 

4. Dont date a cheerleader because she will cheat on you 

5. don’t date a football player he will cheat on you 

6. start practicing now on who you plan to ask to prom, Bonus: Freshman don’t ask seniors to prom, you’re not ready! 

7. Set goals and meet them 

8. Ask questions, don’t act too Coll and think that you know it all 

9. Get to know our guidance councilors, its never too early to plan for college

10. When the parents are away the freshman will play! Throw a cool party and the other students will love you! 

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