Lil B Offers His Blessing To The Celtics

Lil B Offers His Blessing To The Celtics

Photo Credit: Getty Images/ Frazer Harrison

Who remembers back in 2011 when rapper Lil B told the then small forward for the Oklahoma Thunder, Kevin Durant, that he would never win a championship?

Well, safe to say he meant he would never win a championship unless he went to the Bay Area!

In 2017, Durant was able to win a title with the Warriors. Many would say the only reason Durant was able to finally get the ring was because of the Bay Area Rapper. Once Durant became a Warrior, Lil B lifted the curse. Coincidence? I think not!

Yesterday, Lil B decided to put his powers to use yet again, by blessing the Celtics for this upcoming NBA season. Lil B notable shouted out small forward Jaylen Brown.

Things have already been looking in favor of the Celtics, they did acquire Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving.