Justin Credible And Dj Sourmilk React To Lonzo Ball’s Comment About Nas

Justin Credible And Dj Sourmilk React To Lonzo Ball’s Comment About Nas

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Lonzo Ball may be headed to be a star player for the Los Angeles Lakers, but he just got dragged for his comment about rapper Nas. 

If you have not already heard, Lonzo and his family released their Facebook reality show called “Ball In The Family.” 

During the first episode, Ball made a major statement that had Nas fans in a frenzy. 

“Y’all outdated man. Don’t nobody listens to Nas no more,” were the exact words that came out of his mouth. 

Let’s take a look at what Justin Credible and Dj Sourmilk had to say about his comment. 

Justin Credible said, HA! Lanzo Ball, now that you are a Laker I want to be a fan of yours so bad. I let the comment about Lebron being better than Kobe slide, but this NAS comment is ridiculous.

Now I do understand if you’re under 20 years old you might only listen to Future, Migos & HIP HOP from today.  Sh*t, ZO was like 2 years old when “STILLMATIC” dropped.  So maybe we can’t be so hard on him?

Truthfully I am always inspired by the “NEXT” generation. I’m listening to Cole, Kendrick, Uzi, Future, Migos, Drake & more! I love all HIP HOP, but as fans, we have to always appreciate the GREATS. Nas is always relevant. The man has classic albums, notice I said CLASSICS with an “S”.

Funny thing about it, any rapper today who is shining would take a guest feature from NAS in a heart beat! I think that makes NAS relevant in itself.

I like ZO he speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to speak up. These conversations are fun and I would love to disagree with him in person, maybe one day we’ll have a chance to interview him. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!

Dj Sourmilk said, I haven’t had any problems with anything that’s come out of Zo’s mouth so far, even the Lebron > Kobe thing. 

He’s a younger dude, so I can see that. Even him liking 21 Savage album better than Hov’s album wasn’t a big deal (even though I disagree on all that). You can’t say Nas ain’t Hip-Hop and people don’t listen to him though. That’s crazy. 

That’s like saying elephants aren’t heavy. If you don’t like his music that’s one thing. Legends are always relevant and people will always listen to classic material. ALWAYS.

Take a look at what twitter user said about Balls comment! 

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