Eric Bellinger Releases New ‘Be The Change’ Video

Eric Bellinger Releases New ‘Be The Change’ Video

photo credit: Johnny Nunez l Getty Images

In wake of everything that is happening around our country with protests happening every day, racism being fought and recognized by many, and events like Charlottesville unfortunately occurring more than needed, R&B singer Eric Bellinger takes a stand against it all in new video for his single ‘Be The Change.’

Joining many artists like Future, Common, and J.Cole who are becoming more prominent with activism, Bellinger takes his record to not only pay tribute to the late Nelsoon Mandela, the singer is also using his voice to express to his fans to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Exlusively speaking with XXL, Eric says:

I felt that I needed to share something given everything that has been going on in Charlottesville. Nelson Mandela’s words are more relevant now that ever…Be the change!

Watch the powerful video below:

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