Drake Opens His Doors To His Fans

Drake Opens His Doors To His Fans

Photo Credit: Getty Images- Kevin Mazur

Drake has taken it back to the MTV cribs day by showing his fans a tour of his temporary home. 

While yes, it’s not permeate let’s just say we would die to live there. 

The “One Dance” rapper who resides in Toronto is waiting for Drizzy Manor to be finished, but until then his high rise condo will do. 

The luxury style condo features neutral colors with a huge open layout. “You know, sometimes when you’re out here on the road, you just forget like the importance of having a home,” the rapper says in a video clip, showing viewers around.

The unfurnished house features a poster that says “Less Drake, MOre Tupac” in LED lights hanging on the wall.

“Just peace of mind, you know? Sometimes we all need peace of mind. We all work hard and it’s nice to finally find that,” he continues. 

One thing that is quite amazing is his view out of one of the windows. You can see the CN Tower which ironically is the same tower that is featured on the album cover of “Views.”

Take a look at the video that Drake posted on twitter and let us know what you think of his house! 



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