Drake Gives Tour Of New Toronto Crib [WATCH]

Drake Gives Tour Of New Toronto Crib [WATCH]

photo credit: Chris McKay l Getty Images

Where is MTV Cribs when you need them?

Drizzy is celebrating his many blessings with a look in to his temporary Toronto pad.

After being knocked off the Billboard 100 from his successful 430-week run, Drake is ready to start recording new music in the decked-out digs that he just got the keys to.

The 6 God gave fans a tour of the swanky new place, taking us through his kitchen, an empty music lab, with Michael Jakson and Peanuts artwork aligning the walls, and even shared a glimpse at a neon sign that reads, ‘Less Drake, More Tupac.’

In the video, Drake says:

Sometimes when you’re on the road, you just forget the importance of having a home…I just came home to a new temporary spot until my house is built but it’s still my home for now and I’m very inspired.

The best part of the new Drake spot has the be the view outside of his Tornoto high-rise.

Peep the video below:

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