Prodigy’s Mural Ruined For The Second Time

Prodigy’s Mural Ruined For The Second Time

Photo Credit: Getty Images/ Ray Tamarra

Within the span of 48 hours the commemorative Prodigy mural created by artists Eli Lazare and Jeff Heriuqez has been vandalized again. The mural was doused with red paint, it’s unclear if a different group is responsible for the vandalism or if both acts were committed by the same person.

What’s for sure is that somebody isn’t pleased about the presence of Prodigy’s mural but the community isn’t pleased about the vandalism either. The community also hopes the artist’s who created the mural do not become deterred by the vandalism and continue their efforts of keeping Prodigy’s legacy alive. According to speculatins it is said the mural may not be repainted for a third time.

The mural can be found across the street from Queensbridge Houses in New York City on the wall of the Urban Upbound building on 13th Street and 40th Avenue.



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