Vince Staples & Sprite Are Making Some Big Splashes [WATCH]

Vince Staples & Sprite Are Making Some Big Splashes [WATCH]

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This partnership with Vince Staples and Sprite is looking like it is the beginning of something amazing. Today, Vince Staples has released his new album “Big Fish Theory,” but that isn’t the only Staples project we will be seeing this month. 

Aside from dropping “Big Fish Theory,” a music video for “Rain Come Down” has surfaced. This is not just any music video, this is the very first Sprite music video. The video features Ty Dolla $ign, the desert as a backdrop, and of course Sprite. Vince Staples also has been featured in a new carnival-themed commercial for Sprite, which shows of his comedic side. 

Vince Staples spoke a little more about working with Sprite, “They’re not trying to come across as an overbearing force, they’re just trying to walk in tandem with the artist and the legacy of hip-hop,” he says. “They’ve been around for a very long time, since the beginning. They were around long before me…. It’s nothing new. I mean who else is putting rap lyrics on their product that they’re selling? They’re saying that the culture of rap music is not beneath their product. So I wasn’t concerned about them doing it. Even if it was a Sprite commercial, it would still be within the axis of hip-hop because they have a Sprite commercial with Nas sitting on a stoop, you know what I mean? It’s hand-in-hand in my opinion.”

Check out Vince Staples in Sprite’s first music video “Rain Come Down,” and watch Staples in Sprite’s carnival-themed 

WATCH Vince Staples In Sprite’s Music Video “Rain Come Down” HERE:

WATCH Vince Staple’s In Sprite’s New Commercial HERE:

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