Steve Aoki Talked New Album + Caked Lechero

Steve Aoki Talked New Album + Caked Lechero

#TheCruzShow fam, Steve Aoki came by the studio to give some details about his new album, titled Kolony.  In his interview with #TheCruzShow, Aoki revealed some artists that he collaborated with for the project, including Mase, Lil Yachty, Migos, and more.  He even premiered his song, “Night Call” featuring Yachty and Migos.  In addition, Steve Aoki explained his creative process and did something he’s very familiar with: caking.  This was a huge opportunity for Lechero, since he loves cake.  Watch Aoki stand drop an entire cake on Lechero’s face from on top of the counter! 


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