Kehlani Speaks Out After Kicking Out a Fan That Yelled “Kyrie!” at Her Concert

Kehlani Speaks Out After Kicking Out a Fan That Yelled “Kyrie!” at Her Concert

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There is no doubt that Kehlani has dealt with a lot of sh*t this past year.  However, she’s shown us how much she has grown and matured by practicing self-care.  As a public figure, there will always be someone hating on your existence and that is exactly what happened at a recent concert.  

A video surfaced the Internet that featured someone yelling, “Kyrie!” at Kehlani’s show.  The singer then stopped and made an effort to find the fool that made the comment and asked security to remove him.  Fans cheered and supported her stance against the bullying, something she’s been working on as stated in her response on Instagram.  “After a year of being tormented, harassed, people sending me death threats… I finally stood up for myself… I’m finally confident, fearless, and unashamed,” she captioned her post.  As you should be, girl.   

Kyrie Irving is a Cavs player and Kehlani’s former boyfriend.  Last year, drama rolled out when PARTYNEXTDOOR posted a photo on Instagram that featured him in bed with the SweetSexySavage singer.  People speculated that Kehlani cheated on Kyrie with ex, PND, but Kehlani rejected those notions.  After so much criticism from fans and fellow artists, Kehlani made a suicide attempt that led to her hospitalization.

Since then, she has been taking steps toward self-love.  As a philanthropist, she has been helping homeless shelters across the country by promoting them on her Instagram.  In addition, she’s shown nothing but love for the gay community at her concerts and social media.  With all this love, she’s got no room for hate.  After all, she is a SweetSexySavage

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after a year of being tormented, harassed, people sending me death threats/showing up to festivals in jerseys throwing shit at me and chanting names, bullying my family in school, at the grocery store, walking down the street, shit that I never even SPOKE on because I dealt with my problems like an adult ON MY OWN for once…I finally stood up for myself. After a year of depression and therapy, moving away to a new city because of it, i FINALLY STOOD UP FOR MYSELF. I’ve held concerts where when they screamed a name at me I ran off, had a panic attack and cried. I’m finally confident, fearless and unashamed. It felt good as hell to do what I did, so bring on whatever you want because I’m proud of myself, my team is proud of me, my mom is proud of me. I wish you peace oh… and you couldnt last a day in my shoes.

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