#TheBreakdown: Juelz Santana Raps About Leaving The Street Life Behind [WATCH]

#TheBreakdown: Juelz Santana Raps About Leaving The Street Life Behind [WATCH]

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On this edition of Power 106’s original series “The Breakdown” we get to hear Juelz Santana spit a verse from “I’m Ready” off of the classic album “Diplomatic Immunity.” Watch as Juelz Santana breaks down the story behind the song. The emcee says the song is about the relationship between him and the rap game. 

“I felt like I was kind of being overlooked,” Juelz said. The rapper wanted Cam’ron to know how much he was ready for the rap game. “At the end of the day I had one foot in the streets,” Santana said. 

In the episode, you can hear Juelz Santana spit the lyrics:

Yo, they try to box me in the corner for the longest

No key, lock me in this corner for the longest

Somehow I managed to creep from under the rock

Linkin’ up with Cam, him linkin’ up with the Roc  

This is powerful music I bring to the table

The sequel to Abel the way I slang ‘caine 

You know I’m past then focus, in case you haven’t noticed

Squeeze and blast them open as soon as the magnum open

Juelz Santana says he still gets a crowd reaction when he performs “I’m Ready.” Hear Juelz Santana break down the song below. 

WATCH Juelz Santana Rapping About Leaving The Street Life Behind HERE:

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