Big Sean’s Foundation Donates $15K to Homeless Students

Big Sean’s Foundation Donates $15K to Homeless Students

Big Sean’s always looking out for the community.  The Sean Anderson Foundation recently donated a whopping $15,000  to Wayne State University’s HIGH (aka Helping Individuals Go Higher) Program.  This effort was supposed to facilitate Wayne State attendees who are experiencing homelessness or dangerous/unstable living conditions.  Those that are in the HIGH Program receive short-term support in hopes of gaining long-term security.  

Kudos to Big Sean and his charity organization.  This actually isn’t the first time they gave back to this program.  Just last year, they made a $25,000 endowment for HIGH at Wayne State University.  The Sean Anderson Foundation proves that there’s no such thing as helping too much. 

TSR STAFF: Maurita S.! @maurita.salkey _______________________________ Big Sean has a big heart. How big? Well, his The Sean Anderson Foundation recently donated $15,000 to help Wayne State University’s HIGH (Helping Individuals Go Higher) Program! The group provides short-term support to Wayne State students experiencing homelessness and other dangerous housing conditions. ________________________________ Students in the program are able to receive adequate support and it provides them with the tools needed to successfully complete their degree. _______________________________ The Sean Anderson Foundation is no stranger to shelling out money to support children in need. Back in 2016, the foundation created a $25,000 endowment for the program, which shows Detroit native Big Sean’s dedication to improving the lives of young people..(Read more at theshaderoom.com)

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