Snoop Dogg Hung Up on Dr. Dre the First Time He Called

Snoop Dogg Hung Up on Dr. Dre the First Time He Called

Photo credit: Getty images/ Frazer Harrison


In a recently released clip of the upcoming HBO docu-series, Defiant Ones, we learn more about how Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s relationship began.  Dr. Dre claimed to have listened to a Snoop mixtape at a party and thought it was dope.  He convinced his step-bro, Warren G, that they needed to recruit him for a record.  “This is a fucking diamond in the rough and we need to polish it up!” Dre said in the clip.  However, he didn’t expect to be initially rejected. 

When Dr. Dre tried reaching out to the the LBC rapper over the phone, Snoop Dogg didn’t believe it was him.  “I hung up, like n**ga this ain’t no motherf*ckin’ Dr. Dre,” he said, then hung up on an opportunity that would change his life forever.  Fortunately, Dre left a voicemail to assure him that it wasn’t a prank, and the hip hop game was never the same since.   

You can catch the first (out of four) installment of Defiant Ones on HBO on July 9.  Some other cameos include Ice Cube, Nas, Bruce Sprinsteen, Bono, Gwen Stefani, will.i.am, and more.


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