Update on Tragedy After Ariana Grande’s Manchester Concert

Update on Tragedy After Ariana Grande’s Manchester Concert

Photo credit: Getty images/ Leon Neal


Last night was a nightmare in Manchester.  It was reported that there was a bomb attack after Ariana Grande’s concert.  As of yesterday, 19 people were killed while about 50 were injured.  According to CNN, there has been 22 victims and 59 wounded, which include an 8-year-old girl an 18-year-old woman.  

Originally, police officials stated the attack was a terrorist attack as ISIS claimed responsibility; however, there has been no evidence that support that claim.  Police also initially believed that the man carrying the explosives died at the scene but they are now investigating another person that might be involved with the bombing.  They arrested a 23-year-old man this morning in South Manchester.

We send our love and prayers to the victims, families, and those affected by this tragedy.  For more updates, listen live at power106.com.

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