Jake&Papa Speak On New EP “Tattoos&Blues” & Struggles Of The Music Industry

Jake&Papa Speak On New EP “Tattoos&Blues” & Struggles Of The Music Industry

Jake&Papa stopped by Power 106 for an exclusive interview with DJ Felli Fel. Hailing from the 818, a.k.a. the valley in Los Angeles, the R&B duo hopped on the mic to speak about their recent EP Tattoos&Blues.


Being brothers only 20 months apart, Jake&Papa have a dynamic that just works. With a silent communication, not much talking is required. One thing that is key to their journey in the music game is the good people in their corner.


One listen of the Tattoos&Blues EP, and you’ll feel the happiness, love, and endless emotions the project embodies. For Jake, he was able to touch on a recent real life experience with a special someone. Being a musician, it’s not easy balancing a foundation in the business and relationship. While Jake was in grind mode, focusing on his music, his girl had went and found another man.


Papa describes the project as a bunch of stories from a bunch of different situations. “Where He Belong” touches on finding that one person, and giving 100%. He also touches on being the utmost best in all the roles he plays, whether it’s being an artist, son, brother, best friend, or someone he can look up to in the business.


Jake states, “Life is bigger than the music business. Life isn’t work. Life is experience.” Stay for the end as Jake&Papa serenades us with some of the 90s biggest R&B hits.


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