Wiz Khalifa Makes Remix To Drake’s “PassionFruit” Called “Passit” [LISTEN]

Wiz Khalifa Makes Remix To Drake’s “PassionFruit” Called “Passit” [LISTEN]

Photo Credit: Wiz Khalifa

Can’t get enough of Drake’s “Passionfruit?” Then, you might want to check out this remix that Wiz Khalifa just made. Wiz made his own version of the song for all the smokers, and he calls it “Passit.” 

 When you press play, you will hear the familiar beat to the “Passionfruit” you know and love, but Wiz Khalifa comes in singing, “Smoke one for my ni**as that’s gone/Bottles up, she in love with a don/Used to smoke bad w**d in a Wood/Now she put her KK in a Raw/Bust down, Cartier on my arm/Look like my iPhone going off/Smoke strong, keep supreme in the jar/Play the game like I seen this before/Used to be a young nigga shooting hoops/Now the people calling me the new Snoop/Speaking of Snoop real life that’s my O.G./Smoked out at Demi Lovato’s party/Ni**as saying they on top I ain’t buying it/Slice hitting sharp, Mars, can’t fly private/Now the money from my W**d Farm piling/Day ones only kind I’ma ride with.” 

In the song, you can hear Wiz Khalifa shout out his Rolling Papers 2 album. What do you think? Take a listen to Wiz Khalifa’s “Passit” below.

LISTEN To Wiz Khalifa’s “Passit (Passion Fruit W**dMix)” HERE:

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