The Next Album Logic Drops Will Be His Last !

The Next Album Logic Drops Will Be His Last !

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Logic just released his new album “Everybody” and literally everybody is going crazy for it. Every song has a story and featured artists kill their verses. Well, guess what! He recently sat down with Genius and actually told them that his next album will be his last!

“Yeah I gave everybody my whole life and this was the album that I’m supposed to make it. That’s going to be the last one.”

Logic continues with saying how much work he put into all his albums but what better way to go out than on top?

“Everything in my life has been so fu**ing serious and it’s been a fu**king message. I just want to end everything with a really big bang and get the f*ck out of here. Better go out while on top.”

Don’t worry Logic fans, this doesn’t mean he’s disappearing! He’ll still be around and every now and then he will surprise us by featuring on other artists songs.

“Doesn’t mean I won’t necessarily be involved in hip-hop community, it doesn’t mean you might not get a crazy Andre 3000/Logic rap verse in the cut but I’m just done with albums and it’s going to be the last one mother f*ckers so you better buy that sh*t and tune in and see what it’s going to be about.”

He also says he’s going to do something very special, something that’s never been done in the hip-hop community before. What’s next for Logic you ask? He’s getting into acting, he wants to be a husband and take care of his puppies but also just wants to have kids and enjoy life! 

Check out the full interview he did with Genius below. 


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