WEED FARM Is Coming To You Soon! [LOOK]

WEED FARM Is Coming To You Soon! [LOOK]

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Tim Mosenfelder

I know what you’re thinking… Weed Farm??? 

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has had yet, another great idea. Wiz is a well-known smoker, so what better person to launch their own mobile game! It’s perfect timing too, now that 4/20 is right around the corner. According to Wiz himself, the game will be “better than Pokemon.”

Wiz also said, “it’s a fun game, I play that s**t all the time.” If you’re a lucky fan, you get to win a trip to Colorado to meet him at his Red Rocks show BUT also tour his official KK Farm.  Click this link for the game’s offical website. 

According to Rap Up, the game allows users to grow and harvest their product, which they can then reinvest. A Kush Farm press release, says it gives a taste of what a world where marijuana is legalized might look like. Get excited all you potheads!!!! 

Check out his Twitter and Instagram post on his new mobile game! 

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