Drake Co-signs Chance the Rappers bid for Mayor

Drake Co-signs Chance the Rappers bid for Mayor

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Timothy Hiatt

Chance the Rapper has been getting a lot of traction for his Mayor of Chicago campaign that fans began. The chano for mayor campaign even has it’s very own website. The site opens with a letter stating:

You’re already making change in our city, your work supplying coats for the homeless, your long running Open-Mic for high school students, and million dollar donation  to CPS all demonstrate a commitment to empowering Chicago’s marganilizied.

 The latest to endorse him is the one and only Drizzy Drake. While Drake was in LA TMZ asked him if he thought Chance was a right fit for the job and he said “Yeah I do.”

We’re on board if Drakes on board!

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