Kanye West Settles $2.5 Million Lawsuit Over Song “New Slaves”

Kanye West Settles $2.5 Million Lawsuit Over Song “New Slaves”

Photo credit: Getty Images/Scott Dudelson

One of Kanye West’s songs from his 2013 album, Yeezus, is getting a little heat right now.  A Hungarian composer is suing Yeezy for using a sample of his music in the Yeezus song, “New Slaves”, without the composer’s permission.

West’s charges were announced in May of 2016 and, apparently, Composer Gabor Presser claimed Yeezy used a huge segment of his song “Gyöngyhajú Lány” (“The Girl with Pearly Hair”) from 1969.  A minute and 15 seconds of Presser’s 1969 song was used in the making of Yeezus’s “New Slaves”.  Presser tried multiple times to reach out to West’s team to make a deal, but Presser said a licensing agreement was never signed and he never cashed the $10,000 he was given in advance.

Even though Presser filed the $2.5 million copyright infringement lawsuit after many failed negotiation attempts, Kanye reached an out-of-court deal with the Plaintiff on Monday, just two days before his deposition for the case.  There are no known or public details about the case.

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