E-40 Looks Back On His Career In His New Visual For “Somebody” [WATCH]

E-40 Looks Back On His Career In His New Visual For “Somebody” [WATCH]

Rap legend E-40 still has it, and he is back at it again with another song and visual for “Somebody.” The song “Somebody” is off of “The D-Boy Diaries Book 1 & 2” produced by ProHoeZak. In the video, you can see E-40 looking back on his career on the screen in a gorgeous theater while he watches from a balcony seat. 

E-40 reflects on the decisions he’s made throughout his life. The song is a homage to Freddie Jackson’s “Have You Ever Loved Somebody.” “The boy Rico Barrino came up with the hook. In this song, I’m somebody trying to be somebody,” says 40. In the track, E-40 says,”Got a couple of kids to raise/So it’s a Catch-23/Should I get a job/Or go back to pushin’ the D?/Should I call my plug/And ask him to front me a key?/Should I get my recommendation/Papers for trees.” E-40’s “The D-Boy Diary Books 1 & 2” is currently available to stream and you can check out the official visula for “Somebody” below. 

WATCH E-40’s Video For “Somebody” HERE:

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