Fetty Wap Has Some Big Artists On His Newest Album

Fetty Wap Has Some Big Artists On His Newest Album

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Tim Mosenfelder


In a recent interview with Billboard, Fetty Wap gave some details on his upcoming album King Zoo and who we an expect to hear on the album. We can expect to hear “a love story album” with songs for the ladiessss. According to Fetty Wap, and his first song off the album? “Like a Star” featuring none other than Nicki Minaj. Fetty confesses that he wrote the song for Nicki yet he wasn’t counting on doing the song with her.. “I ain’t really want nobody else on the song but her. I really didn’t make the song for myself”, he also added “Thats what people know me for. I make a lot of songs for the females.” 

Who else can we expect to hear representing the ladies? Sean Dons lady, Jhené Aiko. Fetty specifically made the song for her, and according to him “She did what she did and its fire”. No word on the title of the song or when we can expect it to be released, but all us ladies are hoping that its soon. 

Mr.1738’s last album was released in 2015, Fetty Wap and is nothing but appreciative. “I’m thankful for every artist that be rocking with me.. I ain’t no hater. I be appreciative of that shit.” We’re equally appreciative of the bangers that keep coming, and we’re looking forward to them continuing to come. 

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