Dodge Haters In Beyonce’s “Lemonade Rage” Video Game [PLAY]

Dodge Haters In Beyonce’s “Lemonade Rage” Video Game [PLAY]

Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian | Getty Images Entertainment

After The Grammys a Beyonce Lemonade-Themed video game surfaced online to celebrate the artist’s Grammy win, and it is everything. You play an enraged Bey in her famous dress from Lemonade that uses a baseball bat, think “Hold Up” video. Dodge the haters, Illuminati conspiracists, and bull$@! all while smashing fire hydrants, cars, and good hair ads.  

The points you earn are in the form of lemons that are used to make lemonade. Listen to an 8-bit version of Beyonce’s track “Hold Up” while you collect the lemons someone stole from Bey. Be careful though, once you start playing it might be hard to stop. Let’s see where you stack up! PLAY IT HERE

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