Vince Staples Said to Drop New Album “Very Soon”

Vince Staples Said to Drop New Album “Very Soon”

Photo credit: Getty Images/Seshanka Samarajiwa

Vince Staples gave a gift to us with his latest single, BagBak, but he has more goodies for us to be excited about.

Staples’ label confirmed a second album will be coming this year from the Prima Donna rapper.  BagBak was released last week with a little bit different sound than his last albums, so everyone is speculating what kind of sound Vince will have for the next album.

Not only did he drop the single and the announcement for the second album, he also has a tour coming up – The Life Aquatic Tour.  We wonder if the album will drop before the tour starts on February 24th.  Staples’ label, ARTium Records, said the album will be released “very soon” which can mean within a couple of weeks or within a couple of months.

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