T.I. Wants You To Know The Rules of Betting [WATCH]

T.I. Wants You To Know The Rules of Betting [WATCH]

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After last night’s Big Game, everyone seems to be collecting or trying to collect on their winnings. Well, T.I. must have put some money on his team, The Falcons, as he just dropped this video explaining the steps of betting. 

In the video, T.I. drops some knowledge on how to bet,“Let me explain the etiquette of the process of betting for everybody who may not know,” he says. “There must be a proposal, an acceptance and a confirmation. If someone proposes and someone accepts, but there’s no confirmation, there’s no bet. If someone says ‘Hey man, I wanna bet on this’ and you say ‘Ok, bet me $5,000,’ someone must say ‘bet’ in order for there to be a true bet. If those three steps didn’t take place, do not be calling me hitting me and expecting nothing in return. It’s nothing. You talking to the air. Those of you who did, I’ll get with you expeditiously.”

So, there it is. Do you agree with T.I.? WATCH the video below to see T.I. explain how a bet is made below.

WATCH T.I. Explain The Process of Betting HERE:

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