The Obama’s Step Out in Style During Vacation

The Obama’s Step Out in Style During Vacation

Photo from GettyImages/ Mike Wilson 

As the rest of the world is split on the decisions of our current president, the former First Family is out on vacation with their new out of the White House style.

Hours after Trump’s inauguration earlier last month, Barack and Michelle Obama took a private flight to palm springs, not they are soaking up the sun on Richard Branson’s private island in the British Virgin Islands.

TMZ caught a few pictures of the Obamas hanging with Branson as they strolled along the beach with a dramatically different look than what we saw during their 8 years in the white house.

The former first couple like any other couple who go on vacation wanted to wind down and put on some of the most comfortable vacation clothes.

Mr. Obama was seen in an outfit consisting of shorts, flip-flops and, oh yeah, a backward dad hat. While Mrs. Obama rocked a pair of short shorts, a fedora, and braids.

Of course, seeing the former leaders of the nation dressed completely different than what we were used to seeing quickly became a major topic on twitter.

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