Logic Makes Himself Comfortable in L.A.

Logic Makes Himself Comfortable in L.A.

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Logic has made a new home for himself in Los Angeles, and like a true creator, he has made sure that he has his creative space inside his new place. This week, the rapper posted to his official YouTube Channel, and shared an MTV Cribs-style tour of his new spot.

The rapper was living in Maryland and there is no confirmation that he has completely moved from there. But, he looks pretty cozy living that Beverly Hills life. In the video that Logic shared called “Logic is Back,” he gives the viewer a look inside his new game room and home studio. Logic says, “Like, look at these fuckin’ speakers! Look at this desk! Look at this screen. I’ve always wanted this! This is a fuckin’ Mellotron. Do you know how crazy this instrument is? Like this is wild. I’ve got my montage, all these different MPCs and beat machines… I can’t believe it.” There is no doubt that Logic has worked very hard to get to this point in his career, we can’t wait to hear wht sounds come out of that studio. Check out Logic’s new home studio below.

WATCH Logic Show Off His Home Studio HERE:

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