Lauryn Hill Skips Out On Another Show

Lauryn Hill Skips Out On Another Show

Photo by Getty Images / Naom Galai

Fans who paid to see Lauryn Hill were hit with a huge surprise as the time came for her to get on stage and perform, except.. there was no performance.

That’s right, fans took to twitter to express their disappointment as they lined up to get a refund on their tickets.

This is not Hill’s first go round with skipping out on her show, back in May she sent a public apology on Facebook for showing up to a show 2 hours late and only performing for 40 minutes.

Although Hill is a vet singer and a legend, she has missed shows not twice, not even three times, but dozens of times. 

Back in 2016 MLH cut a show short saying that the band was messing her up and had to go. 

At a concert in New Orleans, Hill was visibly angered with her band and waved at them to cut the music as she continued to sing with out any music. 

Lauryn’s next show is expected to take place on Thursday, February 2nd in Cincinnati, followed by a Saturday show in Milwaukee.

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