Complex Magazine Names Chance the Rapper Best Rapper Alive for 2016

Complex Magazine Names Chance the Rapper Best Rapper Alive for 2016

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2016 had a bunch of new music that deemed to be some of the greatest of all time.  Complex recently announced their Best Rapper Alive for 2016 and there were some mixed feelings about it.

Over the weekend, Chance the Rapper received the title of the Best Rapper Alive for 2016 for Complex Magazine.  Complex has been naming the Best Rapper Alive every year since 1977, so these people know what they’re talking about.  The title was chosen by a group of staff writers at Complex in a debate amongst one another.  “He did it with bars. He did it with great records. Not trying to like you know appeal to the radio, or the clubs, or to do anything other than express himself in a very candid and honest way,” Noah, the chief content officer, told Complex expressing the reasoning for their choice.

Not only did the writers debate themselves amongst who should hold the title, but they asked their social media followers as well.  There was a lot of input from Drake to Chance the Rapper to Young Thug.  In the end, Chance the Rapper came out on top for the spot.

You can check out the debate on Complex here.

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