MadeinTYO Makes The Switch From Uber To Lyft

MadeinTYO Makes The Switch From Uber To Lyft

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You may know the words from MadeinTYO’s popular hit “Uber Everywhere,” but you may have to learn some new lyrics soon. The rapper took to Twitter to express his concern with the ride service’s choice to continue to postpone their surge prices around JFK airport over the weekend.

The hashtag #DeleteUber has since taken over on social media platforms in response to the company’s actions. Many people have been posting about Uber including MadeinTYO. The rapper Tweeted, “usta uber a lot, not no moeeee.” Then MadeinTYO followed up that Tweet with, “2017: @lyft everywhere.”

No re-works of “Uber Everywhere” have surfaced on the internet as of yet. But, while you are waiting to hear a possible re-work of the track, you can check out MadeinTYO’s tweet below. 

CHECK out MadeinTYO’s tweet HERE:

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