Kendrick, Nas, & More To Be Inducted Into Harvard’s Library

Kendrick, Nas, & More To Be Inducted Into Harvard’s Library

Photo credit: Getty Images/ Chris Weeks

The Harvard library is one of the most illustrious destinations for anyone’s music, literature, etc. to be a part of.  The library represents various different societies and cultures throughout its collections and if your creation is lucky enough to become a part of the library it is definitely an accomplishment.  

Harvard announced last year that they wanted to expand their collection to feature a hip-hop archive.  They chose 9th Wonder to create the list of music that represents hip-hop culture and today he posted a picture with four of his recent choices below.

The full collection will contain a total of 200 hip-hop projects so this is a small percentage of what will represent hip-hop.  However, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Lauryn Hill, and A Tribe Called Quest are definitely worthy to be a part of this esteemed collection.  Hopefully we will keep getting more updates as more and more hip-hop music is added to the library.

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