Location of Kanye and Kim’s Pictures in Mysterious Home Revealed

Location of Kanye and Kim’s Pictures in Mysterious Home Revealed

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Pierre Suu

Pictures of Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian-West surfaced on social media, including Kim’s accounts after being M.I.A. for months, of the family in a mysterious house nobody has seen before.  So, what’s the deal? Whose house is this and why are Kim and Kanye there?

TMZ confirmed the photos posted on social media of the couple and their family were at producer Rick Rubin’s house in Malibu.  Rubin offered his residence to Kanye as a place to center himself after his hospitalization last year.  He has a close relationship to the couple since he has worked with Kanye on his albums Yeezus and The Life of Pablo. 

 A lot of haters said the photos were fake and intended to stage a life of an everyday American, but TMZ also confirmed this to be untrue.  These photos not only captured the family after Kanye’s hospitalization, but it also captured how Kim’s state-of-mind was upholding after her robbery a few months ago.

Pablo seems to be doing better and Kim has returned to social media.

Check out some of the family photos below:





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