Rick Ross Invest in Favorite Childhood Burger Joint

Rick Ross Invest in Favorite Childhood Burger Joint

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Rick Ross has been hustle from the ripe young age of 13 making $30 a day for a 12-hour shift at a Miami car wash and grew up to become the head of Maybach Music Group.

While he already invested in the Wingstop franchise across the nation, he recently finalized a deal with popular burger joint Checkers (of Checkers and Rally’s).

In a four-minute video from UPROXX, the Miami native talks about what made him want to invest in the burger spot.

“My past defines who in am, my upbringing, the way I was raised gave me my determination,” Ross explained.

In the video, he talks about the days of playing high school football and would go to Checkers because “we all knew Checkers was more affordable, it’s the No. 1 hamburger in the game… The No. 1 French fries in the game.”

Ross was able to have an important piece of his childhood in his pockets after buying the franchise, as well as having the opportunity to give back to the streets of Carol City Miami.

“What made me come back and buy Checkers, I had a lot of reasons,” he explains “Providing jobs, investing back into the community, staying in touch with where you’re from. We can come back and say that a piece of this is ours. Carol City, the city of Miami, is going to be proud.”

Ross is not only giving back to his hometown through Checkers but in his partnership with Wingstop, he has given “scholarships to employees and young students from urban areas, while funding grants to groups that work to lower dropout rates through education and mentoring.”

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