Fetty Wap Threatens to Sue Ex-Girlfriend

Fetty Wap Threatens to Sue Ex-Girlfriend

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Ethan Miller

It looks like trouble could be coming for whoever leaked the private video of Fety Wap and Ex Girlfriend Alexis Skyy. 

The sex tape which has not been confirmed to be Fety and Alexis yet was released earlier toady (Jan 10).

While neither party was aware of the leak, Wap’s team drafted cease and desist letters to websites posting the clip. But that’s not the only person. He also sent one to Skyy. 
Wap has already said that he has nothing to do with the leak and is clearly taking legal action to see who is responsible. 

Skyy’s team is also taking legal action as she was also not aware of the video release. Both parties were believed to be the only ones who were in possession of the tape. 

In order for either party to benefit from this leak, Wap and Skyy would both have to sign off on a distribution deal. 

Skyy took to Instagram to post a picture clapping back at whoever posted the video saying that she is embarased, which has since been deleated. 

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