Kylie Gets Tyga Tattooed On Her Body

Kylie Gets Tyga Tattooed On Her Body

Photo credit: Getty Images/ Craig Barritt

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been one of the most watched couples throughout their entire relationship thus far.  The celebrity couple started their relationship a little unconventionally when Kylie was 17 and since then the two have been absolutely inseparable.

Tyga had already displayed his long term commitment to Kylie when he got her entire first name tattooed.  Now, Kylie has matched his commitment level with a “t” tattooed on her ankle.

She first got the tattoo a month ago but had it retouched a couple days ago so that her love for Tyga was more noticeable.  I know it’s just a small “t” but at the very least it shows that the two are on good terms and still strongly in love.

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