Travis Scott Kicks DJ Off Stage During Performance

Travis Scott Kicks DJ Off Stage During Performance

Photo credit: Getty Images/J. Kempin

Travis Scott has a known history of yelling at almost everyone except his dedicated fans.  On New Year’s Eve, Scott decided to keep that reputation by addressing the situation with his DJ at his gig that night.

Scott’s New Year’s Eve performance was setting off 2017 in Montreal, Canada at New City Gas Club.  About half way through his performance, Scott started to get annoyed with how the DJ was handling Scott’s concert by saying things like “the worst DJ in Montreal is right there on stage yo” and “this f***ing trash ass DJ is f***ing up everything I’m doing right now.”  The DJ eventually pushed Travis Scott over the edge.  Scott ask the unnamed DJ to leave the stage and he DJ-ed the rest of his performance himself.

Note: do not mess up a Travis Scott performance.

Check out the video of Scott’s blows to the DJ below.


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