Kendall and Tyler The Creator are Featured in “Vogue”

Kendall and Tyler The Creator are Featured in “Vogue”

Photo Cred: Instagram/ Mario Testino 

Kendall Jenner and good friend Tyler The Creator team up for an epic Vogue photo shoot.  They have both supported each other in fashion where Kendall was seen front row at the Odd Future fashion show. 

They are both in vibrant colored outfits which fit perfectly with their personalities.  Also in the photo shoot is some of the Odd Future crew including Taco, Na-Kep Smith, Tucker Tripp, Ryder McLaughlin, and Aaramis Hudson. 

Kendall is rocking all of the big designers such as Versace, Prada, Dior, Stella McCartney and many more.  Tyler The Creator and his gang were all rocking Odd Future merch.  This shoot was shot by the world renowned photographer Mario Testino. 

Below is the behind the scenes of the photo shoot.  The video is directed and produced by Mikey Alfred and Illegal Civ Cinema.  The two are seen messing around but also being serious behind camera.  Tyler expresses the amount of respect he has for Kendall seeing her work so hard behind the camera.   Tyler and his crew mess around on set throwing piñatas at each other and skateboarding around. 



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