Chance The Rapper Cosigns Shia LeBeouf Via Twitter

Chance The Rapper Cosigns Shia LeBeouf Via Twitter

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Shia LeBeouf is getting a lot of attention for his raps. The attention is coming from everyone, including other rappers like Soulja Boy and even…Chance The Rapper. Some of the attention has been negative like the reaction he had from Soulja Boy. Initially, Soulja Boy came at Shia and said, “You was a actor. You was in Transformers. You was in Holes. You was on the Disney Channel, you don’t have no business with my name in your mouth.”

But, the most recent reaction to Shia LeBeouf comes from Chance The Rapper. Chance recently took to Twitter over the weekend to express his support for a Shia LeBeouf rap career. “I would purchase a Shia LaBeouf album. And I can merch it would be a classic,” Chano tweeted.

That’s all we know about Chance’s opinion for now, but we do know that Chance is working on a new project. Maybe we could hope for a Shia feature? 

You can see what Chance tweeted below. 

Check Out Chance The Rapper’s Tweet HERE:

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