Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lesson” Turned Down for Grammy Country Nomination

Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lesson” Turned Down for Grammy Country Nomination

Photo credit: Getty Images/Buda Mendes

Beyoncé slayed in getting the most nominations for a female artist in Grammy history this year.  “Daddy Lessons” was entered into the Country genre for the Grammy, but somehow, didn’t make the cut.  Who would ever deny Queen Bey?

“Daddy Lessons” was one of the many songs on her infamous Lemonade album.  Even though she performed the song with the classic Country group The Dixie Chicks, the nomination committee still didn’t want to let the song into the nomination pool.  You tried, Team Yoncé.  If “Daddy Lessons” was considered, it could have been up for categories including Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance. 

Even though she didn’t get the country nominations, Beyoncé still received 9 nominations for this upcoming Grammy’s.  So, not all hope is lost.

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