Rihanna Addresses Beyonce Controversy On Instagram

Rihanna Addresses Beyonce Controversy On Instagram

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Beyonce and Rihanna both have had an amazing year in music, and both artists deserve to be celebrated. The is so much to appreciate from both of these artists, with the successful release of Rihanna’s “Anti,” and Beyonce’s visual album “Lemonade.” The singer’s both have achieved so much, and have a loyal fanbases that have their backs.

Recently, a RiRi picture was posted from a RIhanna fan page, and Rihanna liked it. The photo came with a caption stated that the singer got snubbed because the award show did not want her to “pass” Beyonce (the post has since been taken down). People online were then comparing the two singers. The post became so popular, that Rihanna commented in response to the post by saying:

 “I never actually read your caption, thought the pic was funny and moved right along,” she wrote.“Til I seen it pop up over and over! I’m petty af, yes. But this is just unnecessary! I wish y’all would drop this topic and see things from the bigger picture! We don’t need to be putting black women against each other! We deserve to be celebrated, and the Grammy Academy agrees!” Preach, Ri.

The full list of Grammy nominations is up now here, and we congratulate all of the nominees and all of the artists that had amazing releases this year. 

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