2 Chainz And Snoop Have A Friendly Beef That Could Be Settled In The Paint

2 Chainz And Snoop Have A Friendly Beef That Could Be Settled In The Paint

Yesterday, 2 Chainz appeared on Fox Sports 1’s Undisputed where he talked everything from LeBron James, the Cowboys, and Josh Norman v. Dez Bryant. But, the highlight of the appearance was when 2 Chainz addressed Snoop Dogg. Snoop and 2 Chainz had some friendly fighting words while discussing sports. Snoop first went on Instagram and made this video going out to 2 Chainz after the Lakers beat the Hawks. If you missed it, you can watch it below.

WATCH Snoop’s Video Message To 2 Chainz HERE:


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2 Chainz responded to that Snoop Instagram video during his TV appearance. “Snoop should not get his hopes up too high, cheering for the Lakers team I went to check out the other night. Julius [Randle] didn’t play. D’Angelo [Russell] didn’t play. They looked pretty good. Swaggy P hit some shots. Their defense was really suspect because our offense was even more suspect. I feel like Brandon [Ingram] should be a little more aggressive, he’s the No. 2 pick. I really like the kid, I really like him,” said 2 Chainz.

2 Chainz is not mad at Snoop because Chainz was a Lakers fan while he was younger.”He was probably talking crap because he saw me there and it was hard for me to really decide who to cheer for because everyone knows that Lou Williams is from Atlanta. That’s my friend. So it’s like I only can really clap when he makes a shot, not the whole team,” he said.

Then, 2 Chainz ended up saying that he could take Snoop on the court. You can check out 2 Chainz’ Undisputed appearance below. Keep an eye out for Snoop’s appearance on the show on Wednesday.

WATCH 2 Chainz Respond To Snoop Dogg HERE:

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