Willow Smith Releases A Hope-Filled Song Called ‘November 9th’

Willow Smith Releases A Hope-Filled Song Called ‘November 9th’

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Isaiah Trickey

Since the official pick for the next President of the United States was chosen, there has been a lot of devastation throughout the nation.  Willow Smith has given the world another reason to keep your head up.

Willow Smith released a new song over the weekend titled “November 9th”.  The song features a simple melody with sounds of a guitar and Willow’s soft yet strong vocals.  The most powerful part about her song is the lyrics.  She sings, “Don’t let the world put out your fire/Take my hand and you will see/Sadness and anger aren’t everything.”  These are just a couple of her influential lines from “November 9th”.

Smith released the encouraging self-produced song on SoundCloud with the caption: “I wrote this song on the day of the election. Peace andn revelations to all!”

Check out “November 9th” by Willow Smith below:


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