Tribe Called Quest Releases Track List for Their New Album

Tribe Called Quest Releases Track List for Their New Album

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This has been a rough day in politics but there is some exciting news in music.  A Tribe Called Quest reveals their tracklist.   This is such a monumentual moment because this is the first album they have released since 1998.  The title of the album is “We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 your Service.”  

The features on this album are so dope; Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, Consequence, Elton John, and Busta Rhymes are all making an appearance on the album.  

The remaining members will be on “Saturday Night Live” alongside Dave Chappelle.  This will be the first “SNL” since the presidential election.  It will be interesting to see how that show goes down.  

Check out the track list below and make sure to check out their performance this Saturday. 


Here is the track list:

1.  “The Space Program”

2.  “We the People…”

3.  “Whateva Will Be”

4.  “solid Wall of Sand”

5.  “Dis Generation”

6.  “Kids” 

7.  “Melatonin” 

8.  “Enough” 

9.   “Mobius” 

10.  “Black Spasmodic” 

11.  “The Killing Season” 

12.  “Lost Somebody”

13.  “Movin Backwards” 

14.  “Conrad Tokyo” 

15.  “Ego” 

16.  “The Donald” 


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