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Not only can rapper Wiz Khalifa say he has his own Khalifa Kush cannabis strain, now he can add the new Men’s Project campaign for Rag & Bone. The American fashion label tweeted out their enthusiasm for the introduction of Wiz into the latest installment of the #rbmensproject. Khalifa also is featured in the campaigns’ 30 second video for the brand shot in a bowling alley with Super 8 film.

Rag & Bone’s Co-CEO, Marcus Wainwright, says how Wiz was just the right person for the campaign exclaiming, “We were trying to find people who had forged their own path, and had a very strong sense of their own personal style and that’s certainly true of him, it was also a natural extension of the relationship we had with him, after doing some clothes for his tour and dressing him for the Met Ball. He was all over the press for that; he was wearing a white tuxedo we made, and he owned it. It really highlighted how good something classic and well-made can make anyone look.”

It’s no question that Khalifa has had his fair share of experience in the fashion realm where he has in recent days unveiled his BASH clothing line made from the inspiration of his son, Sebastian. Saying in an interview, “All the designs are based around Sebastian, all of his hobbies and the things that he’s into. I just really wanted it to feel personal to him, so when he sees it, he gets excited.”

Rapper, weed strain creator and now fashion ambassador can be added to that list. It’s safe to say this North Dakota native is a solid triple threat. Make​ ​sure​ ​to​ ​listen​ ​to​ ​the​​ ​​#​LiftOff​​ ​​every​ ​night​ ​from​ ​7p-12a​ ​&​ ​Follow​​ ​​@J_Credible​​ ​x @​DjSourmilk​​ ​​on​ ​Twitter!


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